Friday, June 01, 2007

Categories of Syrian Hijab

(If you're the one who made this picture, please let me know. I tried to find out its source but was unsuccessful.)

**Edited to add: The artist is Puppeteer, which explains the last item in the graphic. Thanks for the tip, Golaniya!

This is a pretty accurate representation of many of the kinds of hijab you will see in Syria.

For my take on the veil in Syria, read Hijab Envy 1 and Hijab Envy 2.

The only version I really notice is missing from this depiction is just plain 'manto.' This is my favorite style - it's like 'manto sport' but with a plain white hijab and a classier version of the trenchcoat. I maintain that if I ever took on the veil, this is the style I would choose (am I allowed to do that?).

And if anyone gets the last one, let me know. My friends and I are stumped (actually, not anymore. See above!).


Golaniya said...

she is a Syrian blogger named Puppeteer:

abufares said...

I went back and read your excellent prior posts on the Hijab. Great reading indeed. Thank you for sharing this eagle eye view of Syria.

Bridget said...

Thank you, Golaniya! I will edit the post to add her information and also email her to ask if it's OK if I post it here. Until she tells me otherwise, though, I'll leave it up :).

Abufares, thanks for the compliment. I do my best to understand these things, but in the end it's just my view.

Wassim said...

That's actually quite a funny picture. Nice to find your blog too!

tamatem * said...

yes its funny
i enjoyed reading your other posts regarding hijab.. it's really interesting to learn that not everyone else thinks that women over here are freaks just cos they cover their bodies..
btw i am a "hijab chique" girl
and most of the ladies in my family are more like "abou el nour" ladies
nice finding u here! :)

Syrian in London said...

Received the drawing on my e-mail and was trying to track the artist.
Your other 2 blogs on Hijab are amazing.

Laura (Ostler) Lindsay said...


Just wanted to congratulate you on being moderator for SyriaComment's Golan discussion! Woo-hoo! I just had a three-day class from Mr Landis and it's made me so hungry to go back to the Middle East. Glad you three got the chance again.

Also, thanks for clearing up the "puppeteer" tag, cause it was driving me crazy.

Bridget said...

Thanks, Laura! Where are you these days? And I think I can safely infer from your name that the blessed nuptials have taken place. Am I right?

Lirun said...

very cool

Anonymous said...

Bridget - I have been looking for your husband's email address (I have a Fulbright question) but have been unable to find it! Can you provide it to me (or give me your email address?) Thanks!

Bridget said...

Sure - it's jeremy dot palmer at gmail dot com.

Anonymous said...

wonderful - thanks for the email address!

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Anonymous said...

hahah hilarious and so true