Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Syria Web Album


Well, it only took me two years, but I finally put up all of the best pictures from our time in Syria (2004-2005). In my defense, Google's Web Albums didn't exist until fairly recently...



GraY FoX said...

you must be kidding me
through all the pictures and motos i've seen on taxi caps
this must be the worst
i'm going to commit suicide

Bridget said...

Then you had better not go to Syria, dude, because that decal is EVERYWHERE!

Would you prefer it if I at least removed it from the album cover? :)

Jamil Farah said...

Don't remove anything, Bridget. It's kitsch alright, but it's funny.
I browsed through your Web album, and I find it expressive. I actually LOVE it. Not only are the pictures nicely taken as such, but they reflect many aspects of Syria honestly, in my opinion.

Great blog, as I always thought.

Amman said...


Anonymous said...

Hi Bridget

I sent you an email to your Gmail account. I know you rarely check it:)

It is regarding your photo collection.

Alex (creativesyria)