Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Call to prayer

The view from Jebel Qassion over the city of Damascus is breathtaking, especially as evening falls. There are so many mosques in the city that when the call to prayer comes, the intermingling of the voices of the different muezzins is eerily romantic.

All the little green lights are shining from the minarets of every mosque in the city.


GottfriedStutz said...

Hi Bridget,

It's incredible how much you managed to capture of that atmosphere in a few seconds of film. I could almost smell the place.

I was told that the temperatures in Damascus were too high for the season: between 35°C and 40°C. Good luck!

The Syrian Brit said...

This is simply stunning!!..
How on earth have I not come across your blog before?!!!.. I have been reading a few of your previous posts, and I have enjoyed them immensely (and by the way, you are right!.. you can never love Amman in the same way as you would love Damascus.. there is something unique about that City... but don't tell my Jordanian friends that I said that!..)
I do hope you have a great time in Damascus this Summer, despite the heat.. and please keep the posts (and the pictures) going!..

Alex said...


June 6th was your last post here ... enough Amman for now. Can we interest you to come back here?

Bridget said...

Well, since you ask so nicely...

I'll see what I can do :)

Towner7 said...

I so enjoy urcomments and, the way you have of bring it to all of us.
I felt as If I was walking along side with you, smelling all the spices, etc. Thanks again~!