Sunday, May 21, 2006

Smells funny

Here's another item hanging up at Kuliat al-Adab, except this one was put there by my husband. He saw this advertisement in a newspaper and cut it out to put on their classroom wall (it may not be there anymore).

Looking at the picture, I still can't believe this is a real advertisement for a real product. I think the fact that stuff like this exists is a small part of the charm Syria holds for me -
where else does stuff like this happen? I don't mean silly English in Japan or instructions translated from Chinese. I mean a cologne, called NOSE, that has a picture of a guy's nose on it, and it's not at all disingenuous.

What's not to love?
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Omar said...

so how long did it take them to come up with the name? 1 minute? Who nose?

Frank said...

Hi Bridget

I do envy you whether you are in Jordan or in Damascus.

Where is your husband teaching?

I had a month in the U of Jordan language school last summer and got great benefit from it.

Do go and see Salahadin's castle at Aljoun. One of the guides spent an hour showing me the water system in the castle.

Jerash is unforgettable (dont miss the festival) and sitting in Kerak castle looking out over the countryside is a romantics dream.

Wadi Rum is an unmissable experience and if you ask nicely people will take you to see the nabatean rock carvings and tell you there is a village buried under the sands waiting for an archaeologist with some funding.

I am looking for a school in Amman that would take me for a couple of weeks.